Monday, 5 March 2012

Pregnancy Diary - And the cravings begin!

I have come to the end of my first trimester at 14 weeks and to say its been hard is an understatement!  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  I expected the symptoms to kick in, but not straight away!  I have been constantly ill for 13 weeks, with nausea, fatigue, two colds, diarrhea, and headaches!!  I cant remember the last time I felt well, but its all in aid of a good deed!
  The worst part has been going off my food.  I began to have a food aversion to chicken which is my favourite food!  We were cooking chicken breasts, but I couldn't cut into mine or chew it because my mind was telling me it was raw, when in fact it wasn't!! 
  My other half had to sit away from me if he had separate food as it made me feel sick, and I have had to change my whole diet to suit my nausea!
  And now, I think I have gone passed that stage, (and hope!) and I am left with what I think are cravings!  My mouth waters at the thought of chips in salsa sauce, tuna and cucumber sandwiches with mayo and pasta smothered in cheese!  That is basically what my diet consists of right now!  When Dean asks me what I would like for dinner that night its either one of those three things!
  I am hoping to regain my energy and go to bed at least past 9pm!  I read somewhere that in the second trimester I am supposed to get my energy back so fingers crossed!  I am looking forward to enjoying the next part, watching my bump grow, feeling it mov and finding out the sex, as well as getting myself back on track feeling how I am supposed to!

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