Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pregnancy Diary - Bump vs My Wardrobe

This is war!!

I am 16 weeks today, and the bump is ever growing.  Which has led my clothes into thinking they should get tighter!  Oh, wait, thats me getting tighter, not them!
  This is a joyous time for us but my moaning has begun, every time I open my wardrobe!  I cannot remember the last time I wore my skinny jeans and I am quite upset about this!  I have practically been living in leggings which are also starting to not fit now.
  My main annoyance is that I am sick of wearing leggings with EVERYTHING!!  I would love to put on a comfy pair of jeans with a nice fitting top instead of a long jumper and leggings, tight t-shirt, skirt and leggings, leggings and more bloody leggings!!
  Once the warm weather arrives, I know I will be living in summer dresses but where it is mid season at the moment, its not giving me many options in the wardrobe department.
  I was moping about the shops today because there are no maternity wear departments in my local centre and I was looking to resort to normal clothes but in a bigger size, however I couldnt do this with jeans as they would not sit right with the bump!!
  Thank goodness for Peacocks as their maternity section had maternity skinny jeans! I was so excited I wanted to buy every item in this section but some of it is a bit too frumpy for me. I still want to keep my rock chick image but no one caters for this!! Its all flowers, and frump and plain old clothes.  Who said just because we are expecting that us Mums have to look like this?! 
  During the week, I am popping to Lakeside where I know that Top Shop and Primark have their maternity departments there and I am hoping to find something to my liking before I give up and live in floral crap for the next few months!
  Gosh, if I am like this now, what am I going to be like when I'm even bigger?!!!

From this....

To this!!!
What a difference a baby makes! xxx

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