Monday, 26 March 2012

Pregnancy Diary - Why we want to find out the sex of our baby

Its been six years since my last pregnancy so I had forgotten how much everyone gets involved, from touching my bump, to asking every question possible! Yes, it is an exciting time to be sharing but the one question that has been bugging me lately is, 'Will you find out what your having?' and then the reaction to my answer surprises me!  My answer is, 'yes' which has then been followed by a look of horror and a bombardment of statements of why they would never find out and let it be a surprise!  Its not their opinion that bothers me, its the way they turn their nose up at my decision like its so wrong!  I have had this on numerous occasions from different women, some pregnant, some teenagers and some friends and the majority of them think I should not find out the sex of my baby.  It just surprises me that so many people feel strongly about this!
  Not that I have to justify myself, but here is why we cannot wait to find out:

  • Its another exciting milestone to reach in the pregnancy
  • It is easier when deciding on colours and presents
  • It helps when choosing names
  • It stops people from guessing the 50 / 50 choice for the next few months!
  • Its one less thing to think about amongst all the other new things we have to deal with
  • Our son is dying to know if he has a brother or sister to contend with!
  • It will help when decorating the bedroom
  • We should be lucky that we live in a world where the technology is available to find out the sex so we should  appreciate the fact that we have a choice to find out
From the majority of people that have shared their opinion with me, most of them would not want to find out because it spoils 'the surprise!' Well in my opinion there is no surprise because you know your'e having a baby and it could go either way!  I'll probably be too out of it to realise the sex once its born so what would be the point of not knowing?!  This way, its almost definite and one less thing to worry about.

We are so ecstatic to have reached this far  that we do not mind what the sex is but just for fun I thought I would put this list together of the pros in having either sex!

If its a girl -
We have a definite name put in place
I have done the boy thing so to have a girl would be a whole new experience
I really want to do the pink thing!
Jacob does not want a sister but I think he would make a fab and protective brother
It would be a mini me, not always a good thing!

If its a boy -
I have done the boy thing so would know what to expect second time round
Boys are so cute and fluffy!
Jacob would have somone to play with and show the world to
We do not have a name whatsoever!
It will make the bedroom easier to live in since it would be sharing with Jacob
Dean can gang up on me being the only female in the household
We can try again for a girl after!

Just some random things in there but either way, we are so excited to bring a baby into the world together.  April the 16th we find out what we are having, Jacob is coming with us as we want to involve him as much as possible and all will be revealed on here!

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