Friday, 25 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 14 - Timeline of my Day

Day 14 - Timeline of my Day

This is based on an average day and how I spend most of the week:

6:45am  Alarm goes off
7:30am  Drag my moody self out of bed
8:00am  Leave the house and drive to work / school
8:30am  Drop Dean off at work
8:35am  Drop Jacob off at school and myself at work
8:45am - 1pm  Working at nursery
1:00pm - Drive home and do household chores
3:15pm - Drive back to school
3:45pm - Pick Jacob up from school
4:00pm - Go to supermarket/ car park to wait an hour for Dean to finish work!
5:00pm - Pick Dean up from work
5:30pm -  Get home
6:15pm - Have dinner
7:00pm - Get Jacob ready for bed
7:30pm - Put Jacob to bed
8:00pm - Put feet up and nod off!
10:00pm - Zzzzzzz

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