Saturday, 19 May 2012

Listography - Top 5 Things I Love About Kids

Oh Listography, how I have missed thee!
KateTakes5 is only doing this feature once a monthn instead of weekly which I am gutted about but I will make the most of the ones I can do!

This months subject is close to my heart, not only because I have children but also because I work in a Nursery so I have 71 children to refer to!  I hate other peoples kids, not the ones I know but the ones in the street/ bus/ shopping centre/ supermarket! 
  I love kids that I know personally and get to spend almost everyday with them!

Here are my top 5 things I love about kids:

1 - The way they make you, as an adult, do stupid things!

For instance, I have pulled many a funny face, told a silly story or made up completely random things just to entertain, losing all self dignity and professionalism! When at home, I have been known to chase my son around a room or wrestle him to the ground just to entertain!

2 - When you get random bouts of affection

I love it when my son tells me he loves me for no reason.  Or when a child at work runs up to me and hugs me!  I get that warm, fluffy feeling inside!

3 - Teaching them new things and seeing them apply it to life

The best thing about being a mum is teaching your children new things and when my son learns from me I feel an enormous sense of pride and achievement. 

4 - When I can talk to kids like an adult!

Dont get me wrong, kids should be kids and act like one.  But having a normal conversation with them without talking down to them like a child is so much easier!

5 - The excitement

The joy in kids faces when they explore or do something fun, you cannot beat the look on their faces!



  1. One of my many worries about my kids growing up is that I'll no longer have the public justification of doing the man stupid things that come naturally to me.

  2. No 1: so true - I often think I'm more like a Dad to my kids doing all the silly stuff and making lame jokes to try and get a laugh from them. Fun though!

  3. Love those random bouts of affection. Perfect. x