Wednesday, 6 June 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 22 - My Dream Job

Day 22 - My Dream Job

I love my current job at the moment as a Nursery Assistant, I work great hours, it pays well and I am heavily involved in my son's school.  However, it is not my dream job, of which I have many!

  • Bookshop owner - this may sound dull to some people but I would thrive on running my own bookstore!  Old and new, I would enjoy categorising everything and talking passionately to customers about books I could recommend!
  • Wedding / Party Planner - Having been known for organising many parties including my own engagement party,  I realised that not only is it something I enjoy, but it is something I am good at!  I love the idea of again, organising, having the notebook to do it and then seeing my hardwork put on display for everyone to enjoy!  The key is in the finer details and I am always looking for that little something that makes the party a bit different from everyone elses'.
  • Magazine Editor - I was going to put journalist but I don't like the idea of asking those awkward questions!  However, I would love to run my own magazine, I am obsessed with this industry, purchasing many magazines including Heat every week and I have some ideas that I would one day love to put to the test.
  • Author - I think this would be my ultimate dream job.  I began my blog to help with my writing skills, and for over a year now I have done a lot of research in this industry to see how I can get started.  I have many ideas for novels, one of which would be based on a part of my life that I would want to donate my proceeds to a charity.  However, life overtakes things sometimes and I have had to put this on the back burner for now.  Once I go on maternity leave, I hope to pick this dream back up again!
Having just read back my dream jobs, I have noticed they are pretty much similar and all have something in common!

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