Friday, 8 June 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 24 - My 5 Favourite Blogs

Day 24 - My Five Favourite Blogs

My taste in blogs has changed since I last listed my favourite ones which I think was in December so my current favourite blogs are:

1.  The Content Notebook - My best friend, Jenni's blog who is also currently doing the 31 Day Blog Challenge and usually writes about her opinions on life and love.

2.  Fallen Angel to Yummy Mummy - I enjoy this blog because I can relate to most of it, Emma-Louise is currently pregnant so writes similar topics as I have done on the subject as well as her opinions on other topics.

3.  Notebook Stories - Always a favourite as I am a huge notebook addict!  I love it when a new post comes up about a different notebook and it is always inspiring.

4.  Agape Love Designs & Photography - Such a pretty blog, it has links to etsy and pinterest shops and is hugely involved with other blogs too.

5.  Emma's Diary - I found this website when I found out I was pregnant and then my midwife referred it to me after.  Sharing experiences of conception, pregnancy and birth, I can fully relate to ost of the items posted and it is very informative.


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