Friday, 15 June 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 28 - What's In My Fridge?

Day 28 - What's in My Fridge?

Why anyone would want to know what is in my fridge, I don't know!  But it's part of the challenge so here is what is in my fridge right now:

Looking really sparse right now!
We have my current favourite drink, Lilt, lots of milk from school which I have just realised is probably out of date!  Lots of yoghurts fo Jacob and a couple of big scotch eggs!  Don't worry, the freezer is more full than this!

We also have Lambrini, (classy!), orange squash and juice, and milk with butter, jam and mayonnaise!

Well, tomorrow is shopping day so this post fell at the wrong time!


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