Sunday, 17 June 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 29 - Items I Would Take on a Desert Island

Day 29 - Items I Would Take On a Desert Island

If I was lucky enough to be stranded on an island where it was hot every day and the sea was clean and clear, these are my comfort items I would love to have by my side:

  • A notebook so I could write my adventures down and maybe this would help towards sending a message in a bottle for help!
  • My Ipod with my essential desert island discs on including Pink Floyd, Mansun, Longview and Coldplay!
  • My camera so I could capture every part of the island and then put them in a scrapbook if I ever returned home!
  • A Kindle even though I hate this invention I think I would resist not having one if I was stranded because then I could read as many books as I wanted, until the battery ran out of course!
  • A subscription to Heat magazine so I can keep updated with all the gossip!
I know the obvious things to take would be my laptop and phone but I assume this island would have no electricity!  I think a break from social networks and blogging would do me good anyway!

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