Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fifty Shades Trilogy - Read, Completed and Loved!

I love reading a series of books especially if they are good!  I have read Harry Potter, Abarat, Twilight and now I have jumped on the band wagon again and read the Fifty Shades Trilogy.  And,oh my, it was a totally different story to what I am used to reading!
  Many people have criticised the books, claiming they are 'porn for women' and 'utter filth' and yet they were right!
  I heard about the first book by reading a review of it in a magazine and made a note to myself to put it on my book list but then I fogot all about it until my colleagues at work kept talking about 'THAT book!'  So I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, my opinion on what was described to me as a dirty novel, made me think I had read it all before.  Most chick lit novels involve a bit of sex in some way and I have even read a Mills and Boon in my time and did not even blink twice!
  Needless to say, I was in for a bit of a shock with Fifty Shades!  The plot is a great idea if a little unrealistic in some places which annoyed me throughout. But the uncensored parts were enough to make anyone blush including me!  At one point, I had to stop reading it whilst my fiance was in the room as I felt like he was reading it with me too and embarrassment kicked in! 
  A few negatives I have about the whole trilogy are,

  • As mentioned, a little unrealistic in places such as life for the lead character seems to fall into place as expected, with no consequence.  Even right down to no mention of all the horrible things we really have to contend with in life such as morning breath and bed hair!
  • The writing gets repetitve as if the author has run out of ways to let us know the character is enjoying herself!  Words like, 'Oh my!' and 'my inner goddess' are used so much I found myself skimming past these parts towards the end.
  • There is alot of sex, I mean so much that I was becoming bored of these scenarios and willing for some normal plot scene to take place! And again, unrealistic. I mean, who has sex morning, noon and night every day unless I am really missing out on something?!!
The reason I continued to read the whole trilogy however, is because I was still taken in by the characters and was dying to know how the relationship panned out.  I felt the author did let the readers in so much that I felt like it was me taking part and I wondered how I would react in certain scenarios that were mentioned.  By the second and third books, I felt the sex was less frequent than in the first book and I could concentrate more on the plot than when the characters would be 'doing it' next!
  I could not put the third book down after the first half as the plot picks up and there is more going on which I am pleased about as it gave the book more substance and a reason to read it.
  I would still recommend these books so that people can make up their own mind about them rather than listening to others' opinions of it.  Its great to have something different and 'out there' to read, something that shocks people and gives them something to talk about. 
  I have read that the author was inspired by the Twilight novels, well I find it hard to believe as the Fifty Shades books are far from anything alike except for being a love story, but a filthy one at that!

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