Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pregnancy Diary - Hands off the Bump!

Im at the stage where you cannot escape my bump, whether it brushes passed you unintentionally, or whether you get a suprise when I turn around and this huge lump is just there!  I have been told by many that it is a 'neat' bump, which I have taken as a compliment. When I was pregnant with Jacob I was more of a rugby ball shape where as this time I look like a football!
  When I have seen pregnant women, whether they are my friends or strangers, not once have I been tempted to touch their bump, so I have been surprised by the number of people that get pretty hands on with mine!  I dont mind friends and family having a feel, most of them usually ask beforehand and I feel everyone has an involvement with this little one so its fine.
  Its the strangers and aquaintances that freak me out and go for the hands on approach without asking!  Its just weird!  Why would you want to touch someones pregnancy bump whom you have never met before?!  And the fact that these people think its acceptable!  I mean, you would not grope a strangers tummy flab and so to me its the same thing!  Its an invasion of space, and privacy as I also believe being pregnant is a personal thing and one to share with loved ones, not strangers!
  Of course, I am proud of my bump and although I am a little self concious of it, I know I'll miss showing it off when the baby is born. 
  I have also noticed the amount of strange looks I get by the public when I am out and about.  At first I put it down to paranoia, but people definetely give me the strangest looks when I am out shopping.  They look at the bump first, then realise I have a face and then turn away as if in disgust! I have even had a woman 'tut' at me before!  Its as if being pregnant is alien to these people and they cannot accept it!  Honestly, I think it is ridiculous that people can be this way!
  Still, I am gloriously happy with being pregnant, despite the side affects that come with it!  My bump is a sign that baby is growing, healthy and doing what mother nature expects us to do so lets embrace pregnant women but for heavens sake, hands off the bump!

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