Monday, 7 January 2013

30 Years of CITV

As I am approaching my 30th birthday, I have been feeling reminiscent and quite sad that my twenties are almost over.  It doesn't help that it is also the birthday of the popular kids television channel CITV this week as they have been showing a documentary showcasing this and showed some of their old school programmes over the weekend.
  It has been an opportunity to look back and reflect on my childhood and I remember exactly where I was when I watched these programmes such as Knightmare, Rainbow and the Sooty Show.

Nostalgia can be a terrible thing!  I say this because bringing up the past is not always the best thing but I have to say I had a wonderful childhood and Button Moon reminds me of the innocence and fun I had back then.

Friday afternoons straight after school and I would rush home to watch Knightmare!  Watching this over the weekend provided many laughs at the graphics and sounds created by this programme but the concept still works!  The tension and fear is still there when the goblins arrive or if the challengers have to react quickly to something before they lose a life.  Legendary!

I forgot how cute the Doozers were in Fraggle Rock!  I remember this programme when I was really young and it all came flooding back to me!

One programme I loved so much that was not mentioned on this anniversary was ZZZZAP!

Im not sure how many people remember this but it is one of the later shows, maybe late 90's and is a fictional magazine that comes to life!  Each segment came to life separately including Daisy Dares You and The Handymen!  I think Neil Buchanan played the Arty man!

Gosh, there are still so many to choose from that I could talk about all day, RaggyDolls, Sooty, Funhouse SM:TV, Art Attack and Finders Keepers!
If there are any I have not mentioned on here, feel free to share with me so we can reminisce together and happy birthday CITV!

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