Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Aims for the next decade...

Continuing my theme for my 30th birthday which is this Monday, I thought I would write down my aims for my thirties and what I hope to achieve so I can look back and see if I reached them!

So in 10 years time I would like to -

  • Be as happy as I am now - I really am happy with how my life is at the moment, give or take losing a bit of weight!  But I hope I can still be this content with just a few more wrinkles!
  • See more of the world - with my family of course I want them to experience other cultures and areas and show them there is more to life than Essex!
  • Have my business become successful - having only set up my business 4 months ago, my aims are high but I hope in 10 years time that I have employed more people to help and that we are the first company people come to for our services!
  • Have a craft side line business - I am working on setting up a side line project of making and selling crafts which I hope will be the fun side of business!
  • Be married - Dean and I are happy the way we are but have been in wedding talks lately and I would really like for my kids parents to be married, plus I have amazing plans for our big day that I want to show off to the world!
  • Have a baby girl - ooh, this is asking a lot seeing as I have just had another baby and its the last thing on my mind!  But after bringing up two boys, it would be nice to experience a girl before its too late!
  • Have my home decorated - only because this is my first proper family home that is all mine and my fiance's to do what we like with so it would be nice to put our personal touch on the walls seeing as the previous owners did a hideous job!
  • Still be blogging - I never thought ten years ago that the things I say are actually read by other people, often!  But here I am almost two years later, still blogging and people are still interested!  So, to have ten more years of musings and projects to log would be a wonderful achievement!
  • Get my novel published - the reason I started a blog was to make sure I kept up with my writing career, but the novel faded and the blog became my main focus! Still, I will always have a passion for writing and my first novel has been requested by many people so I hope to eventually at least have it all written down!
I had better get cracking, thats a lot to cram in!


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