Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Officially 30, snow and baby swimming!

Well, its been almost a week since my birthday and to celebrate turning 30 I spent it with friends and family.

We bravely ventured to Cornwall the first day it snowed!

We were crazy but the further west we went the less the snow fell so by the time we got to Cornwall, it was snow free!
We had hired an 8 seater to carry us and our kitchen sink due to having my 5 month old son and 7 year old on board!  

We were staying in Wadebridge, home of the Hustyns Spa Resort and we stayed in a gorgeous lodge.

This was a twin room where Jacob slept, a whole room to himself!

A beautiful staircase

Our four poster bed which was lush!

After familiarising ourselves with the rooms we completely chilled out as we were so tired from the 6 hour journey from Essex.
The next day involved taking Matthew on his first ever swim!

To begin with we popped him in a blown up swimming seat and he really was not sure at first!  He had a little cry as I think the water was a bit of a shock!  But he soon adapted and was better out of the seat, floating around!

His confidence grew and he loved floating on his back!

And chilling out after a hard time swimming!

Whilst Matthew had an afternoon nap by the pool, we had a chance to spend time with Jacob playing ball, and sitting in the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.

We also explored our surroundings which was perfect as there was literally no one around!

The next day, I woke up to a wonderful surprise, my wonderful friends had decorated the dining room and living room with 30th birthday decorations and I received a very special gift which I shall treasure forever!

We went for an early swim this time and I have to show off Matthew's poses as this time he was definetely prepared for his swims!

Bless him!  He was so wonderful, I could not have asked for a better reaction!
We went for lunch by the bar which was very relaxing and calm, just what we needed after a hard swimming session!
Before it got dark, we ventured outside to play mini golf, but it did get dark very quickly!

When we got back to the lodge, it was party time!  We chilled out to Enigma (yes, this is my sort of party!) whilst Jacob played with his dinosaur set and Gavin read his book!  We then ordered pizza and I was surprised with a gorgeous mint Aero chocolate cake!

After much laughter, I had the pleasure of sharing a magnificent bubble bath with my darling Dean!

Unfortunately on the day of my birthday was our long drive back home but it was still fun and in the evening I popped out to see my parents to spend the rest of my birthday with them.

I had a very relaxing time and enjoyed spending it with my mini family and wonderful friends so thank you to them for all the effort and expense out into to what turned out to be a brilliant birthday in the end!

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