Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pinning Posts - Its back!

Right, its back!  Last year I came up with a weekly post idea where I write about and showcase my favourite pins from Pinterest because I am so addicted to this site!  I only managed a few weeks but I have decided to give it another go, plus week 1 was one of my most viewed posts of last year so it works!
  So here are my five favourite pins from the last few weeks:

1 - Yarn bombing!

I am loving this new craze!  And this is one of my favourite images, its so colourful and so clever!

2 - Tattoo

I am always looking for new inspiration for my next tattoo and one day I hope to get an unusual one with a music note, perhaps something like this minus the birds.

3 - Doctor who

Loving these Doctor Who shoes, one of David Tennants doctor and one of Matt Smiths, I would so wear these!

4 - Organisation

This is an idea that comes from Project Life, where you use journalling cards and these are all neatly stacked and organised which is inspiring to start organising anything else in this way!

5 - Project Life

I came across this, Project Life which is a 52 week scrapbook using journal cards and your photos.  I have been so addicted to looking at other people's projects on Pinterest but now I am finally ready to make my own!


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