Monday, 14 January 2013

Turning 30

Next week is my birthday and I am turning the grand old age of 30!

I am totally ready for it as I have had a whole year to get my head around it, it may not be a big deal to some people, especially to those who have already experienced it, but to me it is an important milestone.
  I feel more mature, grown up and am in a good place mentally.  My life is wonderful, I could not ask for more but it took the whole of my twenties to get there.
  In one decade I left home, had fun, became a rebel, turned into a goth, got married, had a baby, lived in a refuge, got divorced, lost some people along the way, dealt with things not many people could say they have, been made homeless, and then started my life from the beginning with a baby in tow.
  Now as I approach the next decade, I am happily engaged to the most amazing man I have ever met, my prince charming and definetely worth waiting for.  We have two brilliantly clever and amazing sons, a new home with already great memories in, a wonderful small group of friends who I would do anything for and them me and a family who are so crazy but they keep me who I am because of it!
  I have learnt so much in 30 years that I will be taking these with me through what I call, 'my mature years' and hopefully some lessons learnt and a bit more of how the world works.
  I have been very reflective as of late due to my birthday approaching and am a little sad to see the back of my twenties because I hold so many memories, good and bad, and time moves so quickly that before you realise it those memories are fading fast.  Still, I am happy to be moving forward and seeing what my thirties have in store for me.  I hope they will be more delicate and not throw too many more spanners in the works and that they leave me to live a happy life with my children and family.
  I will be writing a few blog posts about my aims and things that I have achieved so that I can share my nostalgia and wish myself a happy birthday!


  1. You don't look nearly 30 Jade! Hope you have a lovely day you've been a lot, I hope things calm down a bit now! In a good of course, you can still be as wild as you like after all haha!!x