Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My cross stitching history

So these may just look like ordinary pictures, but up close these are my cross stitch works of art!!  I first began cross stiching in 2005 when i was pregnant with my son.  A new hobbycraft store had opened in town so I went to see if i could take up this hobby which i had expermiented with as a child.  I didnt realise how big the market for cross stitching had got, hundreds of patterns lay before my eyes!!  I decided to wean myself in with a small Care Bear cross stitch pack, complete with needle, thread, and pattern.  After this one, I created a bigger Care Bears picture ready for my sons nursery, and then a cross stitch that recorded his birth, weight and name.
  I wanted to start cross stitching for other people after this, I cross stitched a horse for a horse lover, a beach scene for my mum, and as above, Coldplay for my brother who is a huge fan of the bands music. 
  I find this hobby so relaxing and rewarding, I enjoy doing it in front of the tv, and when the end result is complete, i cannot wait to start another one.

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