Monday, 4 April 2011

My First Tattoo and maybe my last!!

These pictures were taken straight after i removed the cling film on the day I got my first tattoo.  I have always wanted to get one done, I just didnt know what or where!!  I took the daring step on April Fools day of all days yet i swear people were joking when they said it didnt hurt!!  The tattooist asked me to compare the pain to being at the dentist and I definetely think getting a tattoo is the worst pain after childbirth!!  Many of my friends have tattoos and although i tried not to ask around if it would hurt or not, some others just told me anyway, swearing that it didnt hurt at all and that it felt just like a scratch! Well, I have been scratched many times in my life, and my thoughts on this are that scratches are bearable, nothing with nothing and not worth moaning about.  Having a tattoo done BLOODY HURT!!  Like, hitting a nerve in your tooth pain, like being kicked in the nether regions pain, like a pain so bad that i wanted to rip my teeth out individually whilst biting my tongue at the same time!! I was not even nervous before i went into the "death" room, but the minute the needle hit my arm i wanted it to stop!!

You may think im exaggerating. but for me this certainly lifted the boundaries of my "high" pain threshold that I kindly kept telling everyone I had!!

Still, it was totally worth it, a charm bracelet with my sons name was born into the now very red skin on my arm, and forever it shall remain as a constant reminder of how much it hurt!!

My next tattoo is being drawn up as i write this.......!!!

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