Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Gallery - Ibiza Times

My first entry into The Gallery,  hosted by where the theme this week is Travel.

I have chosen Ibiza, the place I have been to 16 times!! But this particular holiday last year, was my sons and partners first time abroad, and the time we got engaged on the beach!!  I have so many photos but have picked the best ones to show off our gorgeous holiday.

This is my favourite photo that I took on a morning in Ibiza, capturing the silhouetted palm trees by the pool.

The Med - a thirty minute walk along the sea leads to a very special place.....

The castle at the end of the Med.

My son, Jacob, where he lived for seven days practically!

The beach was not actually deserted at this time, it just seems it and I got lucky with my camera shot!!

And this was taken about thirty seconds before I was rudely dragged away from my drink, onto the beach and proposed to!!



  1. this looks like a fab holiday . I have also been to Ibiza and have happy memories as well

  2. thank you, it is indeed a beautiful island and i too share many a happy memory here xx