Sunday, 10 July 2011

My Son and His Technical Side!!

My son is five and a half and yet he knows how to complete guitar hero quicker than me!!  Im still working out how to coordinte my brain with my hands in order to click four coloured buttons to win the game!!
  This has provoked me into writing a quick blog on children and their games consoles.
Now, before my son got clever, I refused to let him play with such items, I dislike the "lazy parenting" way of plonking your child in front of the tv for a quiet life, but we have all been guilty of this, especially me!!  Which is why my son is now a pro at every game he owns and says he is bored when I dont let him on there, even though he has a bedroom full of toys!! 
  However, I have seen a slight advantage or two, of why games at such a young age can be good:

1: It taught my son to read the words, yes, no, exit, start and continue!!
2: It promotes playing fairly, through team work, challenges and single player!!
3: It helps his coordination in the areas that I have failed to progress!
4: It helps him use his imagination through play - when not on his consoles, he imrpovises what he has seen and inputs this into his playtime.

I still dislike my son spending hours on games consoles, I fear for his eye sight, (already being too close to the screen), his concentration span, (he definetely cannot hear anything I ask him, unless its to do with chocolate or a new game!) and his social life, although with the way technology is going, the future of socialising looks set to be an indoor gathering through the tv rather than down the pub!!  I may have made this sound like my son plays constantly on his xbox, (which he does!) but I make sure that as a responsible mother, he has a good education by doing his homework before I lose him to the screen, he gets a decent amount of excersise by playing at the park, and that he eats his fruit and vegetables to give him extra energy to play on his playstation!!
  Whatever happened to playing with sticks, leaves and toy cars?!!!

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