Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How Not To Pass Your Driving Test!!

Today, I took my first driving test....and failed!!  Its not the failure that gets to me, its the way I did it!!

I have been having lessons since February, after a four year break.  I originally only had about fifteen lessons but due to money, I had to stop.  But when I took my lessons back up earlier this year, I was determined to see it through and have had a fabulous instructor throughout.
  However, today, the nerves really kicked in and however much I tried not to panic beforehand, I just kept feeling sick and shaky!!  Sitting in waiting rooms never helps the situation, watching the clock count down the minutes until its your turn, awkward silences, and needing a wee was never the best build up to a test!!
  The examiner was lovely, he cracked jokes the whole way through and did not seem too bothered about what I was doing, he even yawned and said how tired he was!!  I did one manouvere, turn in the road, and here is where I really thought I had failed! Done all my checks correctly, and steering, I just forgot to put it into gear and hit the kerb!! This really threw me and i started to panic, but he managed to calm me down by talking about tattooes and the lottery!!  The rest of the test involved just driving around and I managed to forget my nerves and enjoy it.  As we got close to the test centre, I got over excited knowing that it was finished.  I could see my driving instructor waiting for me in the car park, and felt a rush of relief!!  However, another car was coming out of the test centre as I was turning in, and I forgot to steer, froze and almost took off the wing mirror!!  Holy crap, the examiner was now shouting at me, braking for me, and steering for me and I just kept saying, "sorry, sorry, sorry" right up until I turned the engine off!! 
  And then the inevitable words:
"Im sorry but you have failed!"  And then the next question: "Do you know what you failed on?"
My answer:  "My turn in the road?"
"No," he said back glumly, "I was about to pass you until you turned into the test centre and nearly took off the wing mirror!"
My shamed face appeared, bottom lip started to wobble and tears fomed in my eyes!!  How could I have been so ridiculously stupid and not have carried on focussing right to the end?!!!  I just panicked and relaxed a bit too much!!  And yes, a few hours later, I am still kicking myself for knowing I had passed my driving test first time, except for messing up when parking!!  Now, where is that website so I can book my test again.............?



  1. They must be stricter now as on my test back in 1994 I was asked to do a hill start, forgot to put the car in gear and rolled backwards down the hill. Still passed though - sorry!

  2. lol!! well i dont live in a very hilly area so I have no idea how to do a hill start!! Still, i hoping to pass second time round! xx