Monday, 25 July 2011

Listography - Lessons I Learnt From my Parents

The listography topic this week threw me a little, its the first one that has really made me think!! Not because my parents didnt teach me anything but because it was not as simple as jottting a few points down, I really had to consider what lessons I took from my parents and how they impact my life.

Lesson 1 - YOU CAN STILL BE MADLY IN LOVE AND MAKE A MARRIAGE WORK AFTER 29 YEARS!!  This is the biggest lesson for me as I look upto my parents marriage and see all the crap that they have been through and still pull through.  With three kids, there was always going to be something that would try and come between them, but they taught me not to forget the important things and thats' family

Lesson 2 - YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS BUT YOU CANT CHOOSE YOUR FAMILY!! Which brings me on nicely to lesson number two, thank goodness I have the most supportive family who have had many opportunities to disown me, (through no fault of my own!) but eventually stood by me and made me see how much you need your family even when you think you dont.

Lesson 3 - BE INDIVIDUAL.  My mum is very unique in the sense that she dresses how she wants, plays the music she wants and definetely does not blend in with the crowd!!  I look up to my mum through this and I can see myself being just like her when im her age.  I hate looking like every one else and if anyone judges me for being different, I rebel and do it even more!

Lesson 4 - YOU MADE YOUR BED, YOU LIE IN IT!!  This lesson comes from my dad, every time I have some sort of dilemma that I have contributed to, this old saying comes out, and once he begins the sentence I tend to finish it knowing exactly what he means!  However, it doesnt always solve the situations im in at the time, but I try not to make the same mistake twice so I think a valuable lesson is usually learnt from this!!

Lesson 5 - MUSIC GETS YOU THROUGH LIFE.  As mentioned many times in my blog, music follows me everywhere, not a day goes by where Im either playing meaningful songs through my ipod or talking about what music means to me! Growing up with a very musical family through all genres, its always been difficult to escape from music so instead, I embraced it and hopefully beginnin to instill it in my little boy too!!

So, now that I have written these lessons out, I agree with four out of five of them and hope to pass them on to my son. The "you made your bed, you lie in it" phrase may not be something I pass on as its more of a statement than a lesson.

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