Sunday, 10 July 2011

My first Listography!!

This is my first attempt at doing the Listography, as featured on

This weeks theme is Ice Creams so my top five are:

1: Screwball!!
I used to love running to the ice cream van with my 50p, and all I wanted to at was the bubblegum at the bottom!!

2: Can get a bit messy when if you dont eat it quick enough but I prefer the ice cream version to the chocolate br!!

3: very refreshing and always quenchies my thirst!

4: So much to enjoy in this ice cream, the mint, the chocolate bits on top, the never ending cone and the best bit of all, the thick chocolate waiting for me at the bottom!!

5: My last choice was a tough one but you cannot really go wrong with a good old tub of ben & jerrys ice cream!!

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