Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Gallery - World Photograph Day

Over at Sticky Fingers blog, the theme for The Gallery is World Photograph Day and our challenge was to take a picture of something on this day, that perhaps we would not be able to capture if it wasnt for the invention of cameras!!  So this is mine:

Captured on my Ipod camera, this is St Pauls Cathedral made out of Lego, as featured at Mini Land on our trip to Legoland.  It looks so real!!
I chose this because Im so grateful to have the technology to capture moments and keep them forever, it may only be a toy model but someone has put the time and effort into doing this for millions to see and I completely appreciate that! Plus, its a reminder of what a fabulous day we had. 
I was going to chose a picture of my son, as when we did not have digital cameras, it was hard to capture every single moment of a childs life, but I have so many of him its hard to pick!!
Right, thats my World Photograph day complete, please check out The Gallery for more stunning pictures xx


  1. Wow! I thought it was the real thing at first. Thanks for sharing it

  2. Amazing - does look so real, imagine having the patience to build that?

  3. Cool pic, I would never have the patience to create a model that big! Hope you had a lovely day x

  4. that is one amazing model!! and a great world photograph day shot!