Monday, 22 August 2011

Listography -Things We Got Up To Last Week!

Listography this week has come at just the right time - I have just uploaded all my photos from the week!!  So this weeks theme is Things We Got Up To Last Week and boy, did we cram it all in!! Thank you Kate, visit her blog, (see link above) for more of what us bloggers got up to last week!

1:  I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST - yes, second time lucky for me which apparently all the best drivers do! But Saturday saw me pass finally after having lessons since February, (see my last post for details!)

2: VISIT TO BROADSTAIRS BEACH, KENT:  On Monday, my fiance had a rare day off from work, so we paid a visit to the beach in Kent.  I had only ever been here once before and fell in love with the place.  Situated in a bay, the beach has all its faclities in one place, including toilets, food, entertainment and rides so it is perfect for children.  The sea is clean, the sand is stoneless, (unlike some beaches nearer to where I live!) and its the closest we have got to a holiday this year!  As you can see, the two boys in my life had fun building sandcastles, and digging holes!

And where was Mummy when these two were causing havoc?  Buried under a pile of magazines, relaxing and soaking up the sun, whilst my other half buried our son!

3: A TRIP TO THE CINEMA:  For Orange Wednesdays, me and Jacob went to see The Smurfs!  I was quite looking forward to this and it certainly did not disappoint, for adults and kids!  My son has a weird sense of humour and I found him laughing in the right places and even the wrong places!  The movie was brilliant and I thouroughly enjoyed myself!

4: ADVENTURES AT THE SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON:  I love London, living only a ten minute train away from everything, so I am always heading up there on my own or with my son for new adventures.  The adventure this week took us to the Science Museum. I have been a couple of times in the past, including once when Jacob was one, which of course he does not remember!  Its always exciting the first time you walk in, everything is bigger than you! My son loves learning, especially when there is a button or two to push and there were plenty of these! One great area for kids is The Pattern Zone which is an area for children to explore symmetry, sounds and general patterns by giving them activities to do in a fun way.

This is Jacob using a symmetry picture to move colours and patterns around, which was projected onto the wall in front of him so everyone could see his work!
  After a while, Mummy was beginning to get bored!  The more levels up we went, the more I was yawning and getting irritable!! My son was also tiring, but still enjoyed looking and pushing buttons!  Our little adventure was coming to an end so to make up for it, we had ice cream and took the train home, collapsing in front of the tv where we were more entertained! I highly recommend the Natural History Museum, which is next door, than the Science Museum, unless your willing to put up with the Agriculture, Clocks and Plastic Sections!!

5: AN AMAZING DAY OUT AT LEGOLAND! - Yesterday, (21st august) we headed to Legoland with three friends, my fiance and son.  And what a day we had!!  From 8 in the morning, until 8 at night, we were blown away by all the rides and all the lego made objects!!  My son was in heaven and did not know what to do first!!  We went on the boat ride, rapids, log flumes, laser quest, driving school, boats, a maze,a big wheel, submarine, and rollercoasters.  The longest we queued for a ride was one hour but kids were entertaind by having lego bricks to play with - genius!!

Me, with the sun in my eyes, outside the Knights castle!  We had perfect weather for Legoland, it only threatened to rain once, so perfect for when we came off the water rides!  The only negative thing about the day was how expensive it was!!  I knew it would cost alot of money for a day out here, but it was double the price of any other theme park i had been to before!  Food was no less than £5 each and we ate twice!  Entry fee for three of us was £80!  Although, I would say that you do get your moneys worth and an amazing day was had by all, including the grown ups!!

So that was the week that was!! Feel free to share yours too xxx


  1. Wow that's an eventful week!!! Congratulations on passing your driving exam YAY!! I didn't even realize Kent had a nice beach - must go check it out as I live in Surrey - so not too far!

  2. Blimey - that sure is a jam packed week. Congrats on passing your test - how exciting!!

  3. Ah, Broadstairs! Spent many a day down there in my time - almost made me feel homesick!

    Congratulations on passing your test!

  4. You've had a busy week.

    Congrats on the driving test. I passed 2nd time too - definitely the best drivers pass 2nd time around.

  5. What a fun week! Congrats on your driving test.

  6. Legoland was amazing!! =] xx

  7. Wow, you've been busy. I didn't pass until my 3rd attempt. Does that make me even better? ;)

  8. Aww cheers peeps!! Yes it was a very eventful week so perfect timing for the listography!! And yes, catsyellowdays, your surely an even better driver for third time lucky xxx

  9. what a lovely week! Huge congratulations on passing your driving test! Spending a day at a beach is always so much fun that looks a lovely beach, and Legoland does look amazing its on my 'to do' lists... one day!