Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Listography - Kids Movies

Ooh, one for the child in you this week, although my excuse is my five year old son!! This weeks listography over on http://katetakes5.blogspot.com/ is kids movies so here goes mine!

1- Labyrinth - my favourite kids movie, I grew up with this in the eighties and now my son has watched it just as much as me, I always wanted to be Sarah, (Jennifer Connelly) running through the mazes and meeting all sorts of challenges.  And of course, we cant forget David Bowie in those tights!!  "Dance, Magic, Dance!"

2- Monsters Inc - my favourite Pixar movie, its so original and sooo funny!!  Mike, (the walking eyeball!) steals the show and the end credits are just genius!! "Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!" "SO HELP ME!"

3 - Mary Poppins - my childhood film, my Dad has made me watch this so many times although I appreciate it more now that I am older.  "Feed the birds" makes my mum cry every time and Ill always remember that!  Plus it is full of nostalgia and fun for everyone.

4- Hook- Although this film starts off slow, once we enter Neverland, I thouroughly enjoy this film!! Dustin Hoffman as Hook plays the winning role for me, and its cleverly written.  Of course, Robin Williams is fantastic as ever!!

5 - Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - Where it all began, I was so excited about seeing this come to life and it did not disappoint.  I think as the film moved on though, they were not so much for kids, but for the child in the adults as they got darker and scarier, but will always be a favourite future box set of mine to watch over and over again.....


  1. Oh, i'd forgotten about labyrinth. Good one!

  2. thanks!! I thought loads of people would pick this too but think im the only one!1 its a classic!! xx

  3. We've only just started on the Harry Potter movies - lucky us! Thanks for joining in - great to see a very different list in here (and I'm not being sarcastic!!)

  4. lol, thanks kate, its good to be different!! Toy story was definetely in my top 10 but too predictable!! xx