Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mum - son + things to do = YOU CAN COME HOME NOW!!

Yes, I have had the luxury of having five days without my one and only son, as he has been visiting his grandparents in Leicester.  I have certainly used this opportunity to get the househld jobs done that have been piling up over the weeks that I have been working, without my little man getting under my feet.  The jobs on my list that I have managed to complete are:

  • cleaning
  • doing the paperwork
  • getting the cream carpets finally cleaned!
  • sending off my first assingment for my college course
  • tidying up
  • ironing, washing
Excellent, I have managed to get the household back on track after three months of me doing no housework! Sounds disgusting, (it wasnt as bad as it sounds!) but working two jobs and playing mummy has its downfalls, like having no time!!
  However, I would like my son back now please!  Yes, its been great having some free time to do all these chores, squeezing in a trip to the cinema, a drink with friends and visiting family, even not having Cbeebies on was pure heaven!  But, now I want to be a Mum again, I dont really want or need the free time without my son, he isnt a hassle, he is a dream and I am really missing his chatter even though he repeats the same songs over and over again!! I miss the whining, the moaning, the odd tantrum and the nagging, and boy, I never thought I would hear myself say that!!
  So Jacob, hurry home, mummy has the following planned for you:

  • Trip to the museum
  • Beach days out
  • Swimming
  • Park days out
  • Legoland
  • Cinema to see Cars 2 and The Smurfs
  • Seeing your school friends
Lets complete the summer holidays together, but mind the carpets, they've just been cleaned!!!


  1. lol, yay im excited but have you seen how much tickets are?!! thank goodness for 241!! xx