Wednesday, 21 September 2011

7 Random Things About Me That You Never Knew!!

My wonderful friend, tagged me in this link up so here goes, 7 wonderful things you never knew about moi!

1:  I have walked on Glaciers, Volcanoes, behind Waterfalls, been cave and gorge walking, seen Geysers shoot up, and all before I turned 18!

2:  My fears not only include arachnophobia, but I have an irrational fear of viaducts/archways, (which my closest friends know about!), kitchen knives and men in hooded cloaks, "a la Scream!"

3:  I still enjoy colouring in!  And not with pencils or crayons, but proper felt tip pens!  I love pattern books, detailed books and colour by number books!  I dont care, its therapeutic, relaxing and nothing more pleasurable than seeing the finished piece!

4:  Im a Fatist!  Please dont hate me for this but the day and age we live in now, I cannot get my head round how we have become so obese!  At what point do we not realise that we have became so large that its embarrassing?!!  And there is nothing worse than seeing a disgustingly large person with tight clothes on, ordering in McDonalds! 

5:  I used to be a goth/lesbian!!  LOL, i went through this crazy stage in my early twenties of dressing like a man, big gothic trousers with unflattering t-shirts, and being generally moody!  And at the same time, I fancied loads of girls and had some fun!  What a strange thing to look back on as Im far from that now.  I mean, I still love heavy metal, I just dont have the image any more!  And, I am happily settled with my man! ugh!

6:  Ive been married, divorced, widowed, lived in a womens refuge, lost my home, rebuilt my life and now have everything I have ever wanted and more!

7:  My dream jobs would be:

Retail - Paperchase / Waterstones
Restaurant - TGI Fridays!
Career - writer / journalist / party entertainer
As a child - air hostess

Phew that was hard!

I now nominate YOU to give it a go and let us into things that people never knew about you!!

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