Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Leftover Chocolate, My Son Lying and the Giggling Mummy!!

My son is such a good boy, its hard to write about him as he does not give me any material to write with! Except for the othr day, when he told his first BIG lie!!
  Part of it was my fault, I was tired, hungry and not thinking straight.  Well, thats my excuse for leaving the big, fat Aero bar lying around!  I shoved down my greedy mouth at least half the bar the night before and in my tired state, left the other cubes of chocolate on the window seal.
  Now,the rest of the story comes from my dear fiance who woke up to find an empty packet, and remembered I had not eaten it all.  You can see where this going, but its not the fact that Jacob ate my remaining 3 rows of milky chocolate first thing in the morning before breakfast.  Its the fact that he chose to lie about it, saying my brother, (who had baby sat the night before) had eaten it!  I ate the bar after my brother left, and Jacob being an only child, did not have anyone else to blame it on!!
  Ooh, how I laughed!
I had to be the adult  here however, and explain to him how its wrong to lie, (which he knew as his cheeky face beamed even harder at me!) and how its wrong to not ask if he wanted it!  Both of which I dont condone, but I still giggled my head off afterwards!

  So, if thats the worst thing my son will ever do, I cant really moan, and completely saw the funny side.  I must keep an eye on where I leave my snacks next time, bad parenting!!

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