Monday, 26 September 2011

Day Zero Project - Kiss at the Top of the London Eye!

Warning: may contain actual photographic evidence of kissing!
  My biggest task so far on the Day Zero Project was completed this weekend, to kiss at the top of the London Eye!
  The biggest challenge was not to go on the wheel, however.  It was more of the fact that I had to get my fiance on the wheel as he has a massive fear of heights!!  Poor man wanted me to complete this challenge but it involved him facing his biggest fear!

Walking towards the big wheel, the boys seem quite calm in this picture!!

It looks extraodinarily high from below so I tried to prepare Dean!  He seemed suprisingly calm when he got into the pod but it wasnt until we started moving (which you can hardly feel by the way!) that the nerves kicked and he was an utter mess!!

Not even half way up and this is the ground below!  I got a touch of vertigo but it was not as bad as Deans who couldnt leave the seat for fear of fainting!

Me and Jacob enjoyed the "flight" anyway, checking out the views and Jacob was great at pointing out Big Ben!

View from above of the glorious City of London

So as we reached the top of the Millenium Wheel, I was so busy taking photos of the magnificent view, that I almost forgot to do what I came here for! 

Yes, I managed to prize my fiance away from holdng his head in his hands, to steal a kiss at the top of the London Eye!  Apologies for the photographic evidence but needs must!

So even thought this was my challenge for the Day Zero Project, my very brave fiance wears an award around his neck for helping me achieve it, and getting over his fear, even though he says he still isnt over it!
I leave you with the rest of the amazing views we had the pleasure of seeing on this bright sunny day.

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