Sunday, 25 September 2011

Listography - Celebrities Id Like To Go For a Beer With

Yet another great choice that Kate Takes 5 has chosen, and I have to try very hard not to be predictable! My own challenge with this weeks Top five is not to pick all the celebrities I fancy as that defeats the object, and not to pick the celebrities I may have mentioned before in my blog like David Tennant and Madonna!!  So here is my less than predictable list, with a nice cold beer in hand!

1: Billie Piper - this woman fascinates me!  I loved her music (shameful!) and was astonished she could act so brilliantly in Doctor Who, so a conversation with her over a beer would make an interesting afternoon!  I would ask her what she was thinking marrying Chris Evans!

2:  Lee Evans - Probably wouldnt get much conversation out of him as he would be acting the fool and I would be too busy laughing at his stupidity, but would make for a good guest after three or four pints!

3: Alan Rickman - oh this man!  One of my favourite actors, his voice captivates me and I feel I could listen to him all day!  Plus, I sercretly fancy him, but now its a secret no more! 

4:  Davina Mccall - I have met her actually, I was in the audience for Big Brothers Big Mouth!  And she is every bit as lovely in real life.  However, she is also the ideal woman to have a beer with, my other half says I remind him of her, so its probably her tom-boyish ways!  I would ask her what it was like to kiss David Tennant on Comic Relief!!

5:  Russell T Davies - the man who brought Doctor Who back to our screens!  The things I would ask this man would need to be put in a separate blog as there are so many questions!  What a genius this man is, and may he continue to write some more excellent tv programmes.

Now, excuse me Mr Barman....hic......Id like another pint please!


  1. Damn damn damn - I should have had Billie Piper on mine. Love her. Good choices!

  2. Think Billie Piper is a good one. Get the sense she is a really interesting quirky character and those are the sort I like best.
    You seem to have a strong Doctor Who thing going on and that stuff on Rickman, well that is just ripe for blackmail lol

  3. Great choices...I too picked Davina! Russell T Davies would be an excellent choice. Fab list!

  4. Billie Piper!?! That woman infuriates me - fab list. Amazing how we all pick so differently.