Sunday, 4 September 2011

Listography - Things I did this Summer

I missed last weeks listography having been soooo busy!!  So this weeks theme over at Kate Takes 5 is things we did this summer, following on from another listography I missed out on entitled things I want to do this summer!
  This list has come at a perfect time as my son goes back to school tomorrow and I really have not been prepared!  It has come round so quickly that I had to do the last minute bits in a rush, realising that this is the worst I have ever not been prepared, and kicking myself for not organising his school items sooner!!  But, as your'e about to read, I have had a crazy and eventful summer, and for the sake of not repeating myself as I have blogged alot about what we have been upto, here are my top five events, plus a few more to relay how busy I have been!!

1: Reading Festival - broke my festival virginity by attending my first ever one over two days!  And to top it all, I got to blog about it for a feature on Company magazines website which you can read all about here!

2: Got my second tattoo! - yes, I braved the needle again in order to get another tattoo, and this time, it was even more painful than the first one!  But all in the name of art!  I wanted a burlesque/moulin rouge type skull so went for this hat with feathers but didnt want it too girly, and the words "the show must go on" relate to how brave, (as others have said!) I have been through lifes events, and how I stick by the fact that we all do things in life we dont want to do.  Plus, its my favourite Queen song!

3: Beach Days Out- considering we only get to go to the beach once a year because of the weather, this year we have exceeded ourselves and been to three different beaches!!  The first being Southend on sea, not the nicest of beaches but its close to home and there is lots to do there!  We ventured to Broadstairs, Kent where the sand is golden, the sea is clean and the chips are crinkle-cut!  And then, yesterday we visited Brighton, which is the stoniest, pebbliest beach I have ever walked on!!  But a good day out was had by all, and that was probably the last beach we will go to this year!

4: Pulps last gig- Brixton Academy was the venue for Pulps last ever gig and it was also the longest gig I have ever been to!!  A twenty minute intro included a light show with words, haunting music and curtain before the band walked on to play hits Disco 2000, Babies, Do You Remember the First Time? and This is Hardcore.  Richard Hawley joined them on stage, and the roof was blown away when Common People came on.  Jarvis Cocker, being the eccentric man that he is, wriggled his bottom in front of the crowd, climbed to the highest spot on speakers and gave the crowd a lecture on things a university student would be proud of! They finished with three encores, (3?!) and by the time we left, my feet were on fire and I craved my bed! I heart Pulp and this being my second time of seeing them, will always have them in my top five bands that influence me.

5: Days Out - My son has had an eventful summer too and has not had time to stop!  I have dragged him to the Science museum, Roald Dahl museum, cinema to see The Smurfs and Cars 2, bowling, beaches, Doctor Who Experience, Legoland, three different play areas, parks a boot sale and has stayed at his Grandmas twice for five days!  Poor boy, he has not had time to play on his xbox (thank goodnes!) or to recover before I pack him off to school tomorrow!  But, Im sure he will thank me when he is older for giving him the opportunity to go to these places.

So, that was the summer that was, if we can call it summer, the weather was not exactly amazing but we did get lucky as it hardly rained when we did go out.  Except for at the Reading Festival where getting muddy and rain dreched was all part of the fun! I also passed my driving test ready for when Jacob starts Year One, we can kiss goodbye to the 7 buses a day malarkey and say hello to a warm dry car and quick journeys home!  So, come on Autumn, lets see what fun and exciting things you bring us between the school run, daily routine and going back to work!


  1. What a fabulous summer! I would have loved to have seen Pulp live so am a little bit jealous of you! I hope your little boy enjoys Y1, my daughter has just started that year too, they grow up tooo fast! x x

  2. Looks like an eventful and fun summer. Would love to do a festival again. Think it will have to be one of the family friendly ones.

    Congrats on passing the driving test. Bet that will make your life much easier.

  3. wow the Pulp show sounds fabulous. love Brighton beach, it is pebbly but the town makes up for it!

  4. Jam packed Summer - well done for cramming it all into 5 points!