Monday, 5 September 2011

Mammys Monday Music Meme!!

So, today I thought I would start this music meme courtesy of Oh Mammy!  Basically, its a link up to showcase your music, it can be about anything or any track so for my first go, I have chosen Queen - The Show Must Go On.  Not only is it on of my favouite songs of all time, it is also to commemorate it being Freddie Mercurys 65th birthday today.  I hear there will be a huge party at The Savoy where all the guests have to dress up like him!
The song means alot to me in many ways, not only is it well written, I can relate to the lyrics which have carried me through life, I have the song title tattooed on my arm, and it appears in my favourite movie Moulin Rouge!
I remember first hearing this song as a kid, I thought it was the greatest song Queen had ever written, and still do.  I remember my Dad telling me it was the last song Freddie will probably ever write and that has always stuck in my mind. 
So, here's to you, Freddie, the show must go on.......


  1. Happy Birthday Freddie! Thanks for linking up. An excellent choice! xx

  2. Great choice - gotta love a bit of Queen !

  3. Freddie lives on in our hearts, minds and music. Great choice and the show will indeed go on