Friday, 23 September 2011

Phew - TGI Friday!!

I finally have found the time to write a short blog post!  This time last week I did not know whether I was coming or going because I had lost my job, but this week I have been working full time at two jobs!
  I have been a Nursery Assistant at my sons school since May and it is very fulfilling and hectic.  September came and I didnt have as many hours as last term because there were less children, but due to Ofsted paying a visit and a teacher off sick, I have worked there everyday this week.
  I then found out I got the job at Toby Carvey!  A new one has opened up in my local town centre, just below my last work place at Outback so you could say it was perfect timing!  Tonight is my third shift and although I am only hosting at the moment, Im lookin forward to serving again and earning more money!

So, juggling two jobs this week has been a big challenge as Im still recovering from school holidays and the transition from one to job to another has not been entirely smooth because of the circumstances!
  But hopefully, I can settle in nicely next week and enjoy my routine more.
Im exhausted but I refuse to moan because I am fortunate to have two jobs, where some people have none, and although both help me to "just scrape by" I am so grateful to be in work.

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