Sunday, 25 September 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - 18 / 365 & 19 / 365

18 / 365 - Jacob managed to indulge in a huge ice cream dessert whilst we went for lunch at Frankies & Bennys!

19 / 365 -  Oh dear, we found out tha Jacob has Stigmatism in both eyes so was prescribed glasses.  Poor little mite, but he was great doing all the tests in the opticians and picked out his own glasses, doesnt he look cute?!!


  1. He looks so cute!!

    I noticed you joined our 101ers linky!! Fantastic.

    I love your list. Where can you do a supermarket trolley dash? That sounds like fun!!

    I'll add you to my 101ers blogroll (which is separate to the linky) and on my next update, give you a mention. :-)
    I've also added you to our Twitter list. I'm pigsdontswim.

  2. hi,
    thanks for the adds! Not sure how i will complete a trolley dash but ive always wanted to do one so maybe for charity! thank for popping by xx