Saturday, 22 October 2011

Brit Mum Prompt - My Top Five Favourite Blogs!

Over at they give us bloggers the chance to grab some ideas and prompts for our blog.  This week is listing our top 5 blogs.  I have only been blogging for four months now, and in that time, my Google Reader is bursting with many a quirky blog that I love to go through of an evening.  There are some fantastic and inspiring blogs out there, all of which I am grateful for as they have helped me to develop my own blog in some ways, and  look forward to catching up with other peoples wonderful lives.
  So this list is only the blogs that I look forwad to reading every time, who update their blogs frequently, and who inspire me to continue mine, enjoy!

In no particular order...

1:  The Content Notebook - My amazing friend, Jenni, who talks about her life as a graduate, her frustrations, and general life woes, I always look forward to seeing what she has to say next as I usually can relate to it!

2:  Muddling Along Mummy - I enjoy reading this blog, I first stumbled upon it as its host leaves heartfelt posts about miscarriage and she always tugs at my heartstrings, wanting me to hug her!  A beautiful and meaningful blog.

3:  Melksham Mum - This blog has some beautifully taken pictures, recipes galore and a great taste in music! Thank you to Melksham Mum for usually commenting on my blog and twittering!

4:  Inside The Wendy House - I always get excited when posts from this blog pop up in my reader!  A quirky desgined blog full of interestng hints, tips and inspiring information that I relate to!

5:  Art and Life - My other amazing friend, Kate, is still a blogging beginner but when she does get round to posting, during her incredibly busy life, she posts about art, life and other amusing anecdotes.  I love her inspiring photosof her art workand really look forward to seeinf more!


  1. I love your choices, especially as 2 of them are my friends.

  2. Aw, thanks for putting me on your list, I'm really flattered. I think I came to find your blog through your music posts and loved the Reading Festival one.
    Thanks again x x