Saturday, 22 October 2011

F*ck Sake Friday! - The Stress has Begun!

Apologies for the swearing!

Yesterday, I went to view my new flat.  I have to explain that it is not my choice to move, I have been on the council list for four years and seeing as my lease is almost up on the place I am living in now, it is time for me to have a property of my own.  I have been "bidding" for the last six weeks - a system used by housing to make things move quicker and give residents a choice.  I had two bids a week to pick a property that I only had a picture of on the outside, and if I was a priority over others, then the property is mine to view.  I am not allowed to turn it down once viewed, if I do, I am declared homeless and get thrown out of my current property.  Very harsh and so I cannot afford to be picky and choosy with this system.  Hey, it sucks, but then so does life!
  Like I say, I have lived in my beautiful flat for four years, I started with nothing, coming from a refuge in Colchester, to start my life from scratch.  I remember sitting in my living room as soon as I had moved in with no heating, no lights and my soon-to-be boyfriend popping round with a bag of chips that we sat on the floor with and ate!  I had no furniture, anything that I did own was second hand and so from that day on, I built up an empire that consisted of me and Jacob and turned our flat into a home.
  Now, viewing this new property has come as a bit of a shock.  On the outside, it looks OK.  The area is great, the flat backs onto a massive field and forest, and the main road is quiet.  I have a separate doorway so it feels like my own home, and as we went through the gate, I realised we have a mini garden!  It is paving, with a shed and Im quite pleased that Jacob can kick a ball about if he wants, even though its tiny!
  However, when I walked through the front door and up the un-carpeted stairs, I was a little glum.  There was no carpet anywhere in the property! Gutted.  This is not as bad as it sounds as,of course, I can put carpet in and at least it will be new and fresh.  But it made the rest of the flat look unclean and rubbish.  The previous owner had left the flat in a state, (which I kicked off about but he does get charged for it!) but I was prepared to see beyond this.
  The living room was a decent size and nice decor to tied me over.  My sons room was huge!  Twice the size he has now with fitted wardrobes and cupboards.  There is so much room to put all his belongings in so I am really pleased although, again, will need carpeting.
  I hate the bathroom, its tiny, black and white and is filthy!  I know the council will clean it but there is nothing exciting about getting into someones elses dirty bath!
  My room is small but looks out on to the open fields and brings in a lot of light.
  The kitchen is massive, although does not have a cooker, but at least I get to buy my own, clean one, considering the state of the bath, imagine what the previous owners cooker would look like?!
Overall, I have to lookat the bigger picture.  Its not perfect, but it will be once I am finished with it!  I am just a bit sad that I have to leave my beautiful home and have to build it all up again.  I know it will take time but it will be so worth it!  I love blogging about my worries, it definetely helps me get through it, (when my computer lets me!) so I will keep updating about the move as we go.  Watch this space, this bomb site will look like a home eventually!

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