Sunday, 6 November 2011

Goodbye Home of 4 Years, and Thanks for the Memories!

Well, my regular followers will know I am moving and the day has come where I say goodbye to my flat of four years and say hello to my new home. I am amongst boxes and bags containing my life that I have managed to get back together since 2008, and now its time to move on to the second chapter in my life which I am very much looking forward to seeing what it has in store for me! 

My shelves are empty!

But the bags are full!

Oh my, they say moving is stressful and whoever "they" were, were right!  But even though I know I have alot of work ahead of me, I know that once I am finished with my new home, it will all be worth the pain!

So, in memory of the last four years, here are my Top 5 happiest times that I will always keep close to my heart!

1:  Jacob having his first proper bedroom - this is what his room looked like when we first moved in! He had been sleeping in a travel cot for a year before I bought him his first big bed and and he has accumulated alot more toys since too!!  In our new home, Jacobs bedroom is even bigger, with fitted wardrobes and plenty of room for all those toys!

2:  Christmas - Jacob loved decorating our tree and we always had fun deciding where to put it every year as I accumulated many a different piece of new furniture which gave us no room what so ever!  Three xmas' in a row we have stayed at home and enjoyed a small christmas which is what I prefer but am looking forward to seeing where we can put our tree in or new home!

3: Parties - wow, this flat has seen me host many parties, fancy dress, moulin rouge themed, cocktail parties, halloween and after parties!  The carpets have been covered with red wine, curries and beer, the ceiling was sprayed with alcohol, the walls stained with who knows what but it was all in the name of fun!  Long may the bad singing on Singstar continue at my new home, but maybe leave my new carpets clean!
N.B. no carpets, ceilings and walls were harmed during the four years, they have all been cleaned, painted and restored ready for a new family to do the same!

4:  Me and Dean - We got together a week after I moved in!!  At my first ever gathering of friends,   I had no furniture, just a rugby ball (!) and a blow-up bed and I made my move on him and never looked back!  He has been here from the first day I moved in, bringing me a bag of chips because I had no electric, and sitting on the living room floor with me because I had no sofa!  Through the four years of living here, we have been on our first holidays together, slammed many a door in an argument, got engaged, put up with my moods, laughed until our sides hurt, been dead ill, worked out our problems, changed jobs, seen people come and go, dealt with loss, and had so many amazing memories, these walls have seen it all!  And right up until this evening, my Dean has helped me pack, clean the flat and declutter, which I would never have been able to do without him!  Here's to the next many happy years in the new flat!

5: Fun in the snow, and sunshine! - Yes, the seasons have come and gone, I have slipped in the snow outside my home, kicked autumn leaves and sunbathed in the park.  I walked there and back for two years taking Jacob to his nursery in the rain, wind, snow and sun! I have burnt my shoulders raw walking there and back to the park behind!  I have even walked to and from work in the local town, in the pitch black!  I love the fact I am so close to town, but hate that the traffic is terrible because of it!  I love the fact that I live directly opposite the pub!  I hate the fact that when I order a takeaway, no one can find my home even though I live on the main road!  So much to love but I will take this with me and build new memories inour new home!

Goodbye home of four years.... and thanks for the memories


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