Sunday, 6 November 2011

Listography - Top 5 Men I Used To Fancy

Or in my case, Top 5 Boys I Used To Fancy, as considering my age, it would have been wrong to fancy men at the age of 10!!  I have not taken part in Listography for a couple of weeks so I did not want to miss out on this one!!  Proper showing my age now!

1:  Jason Donovan - In his Neighbours days, I loved the Scott and Charlene relationship and longed for it to be true in real life!  He was my first proper crush and I still have his album proudly in my collection!!

2:  Keanu Reeves - When I first watched Speed, I fell in love with this man, and embarrassingly, remember crying myself to sleep at night because I loved him so much!!! Oh dear! But, he is still in my list today, I just dont have the tears as much any more!!

3:  Tony Mortimer - Lead singer of East 17, I was a huge fan of them and was lucky enough to meet him briefly!  I thought he was "well fit!" but nowadays he is far from my type and I see he is a bit more "chubbier!"


4:  Phillip Schofield - The silver fox is still a crush of mine now, but back when he presented Going Live, I lookd forward to seeing him, and of course, Gordon the Gopher!

5:  Jamie Theakston - um, what was I thinking?!!  I think he is a bit of a creep now, but back then he was right up my street!!

I seemed to have formed a "type" back as a teen, the clean cut, boyband type look!  Thats definetely not the case these days, in fact, quite the opposite!

Thank you to Kate, over at Kate Takes 5, please check out others lists, which is what I am about to do to make me feel better about my list!


  1. Thanks for popping to my blog! You just made me laugh out loud 'cried myself to sleep' Mr Reeves is rather nice though so could be worse! x

  2. ha lol, no worries, im sooo embarrased about m keanu stage! xxx

  3. LOL!! Keanu Reeves was super hot in that movie, but crying to sleep does seem a slight overreaction.

  4. Oh some classics on there. I'm sure Philip Schofield will be delighted!

  5. Mmm, I used to fancy Philip Schofield now. Crikey, I'm remembering so many of my crushes reading all these blogs

  6. The Silver Fox follows me on Twitter.
    Nice top 4

  7. None of these for me. I like Schofield but don't fancy him at all

  8. Oh, Jason Donovan. My first celebrity crush and who also made it into my top 5 list! :-) Sigh.
    Keanu Reeves a good choice too...