Sunday, 13 November 2011

How many memes is too many?!

Just a quick post to get your opinions!
 Regular readers of my blog will know I love a good meme!  And at present, I am follwing about four on a regular basis, plus am testing out a new one for myself.
  The question is how many is too many? 
Im worried my blog may turn into just a meme blog, with no other interesting posts!  I always make sure I write at least one different post a week, something about my life or in the news, just to keep people interested.  I know there are no rules to this blogging addiction, but from a readers point of view, I would want different posts every time to keep me following.
  So, how many memes do you follow and when would you stop and think, I am doing too many now?!


  1. I was thinking about this earlier as I trawled through the recent pages on my blog and it was full of memes - oops! I dip in and out of The Gallery & Listography, do Silent Sunday quite regularly, have just joined in Saturday is caption day & Mix-Tape Monday, and will have a go at Snap Slappers tomorrow! Yikes, that's quite a lot. Must start writing my own posts again!!!

  2. I was also thinking about this hmm I do silent sunday now and then, i only do Magpie Monday if i actually have a find, im prett regular with The Gallery,Listography and The Scavenger Hunt which Ive just joined in..Also The Writing WOrkshop but as this open writing it isnt a boring post. I like reading memes they're usually very funny!

  3. thanks fellw bloggers, i dont feel so bad now! xx