Sunday, 13 November 2011

Listography - Top 5 Random Things I Like

I love Listography days!  And todays subject leaves me laughing because I am such a random person in general, so my list should really be more than five, but Im no rule breaker!

So, Top 5 random things I like are:

1:  Heat magazine - having bought and read every single one for 8 years and never missed one!

2:  Sitting in a coffee shop, preferably Costa in a Waterstones, reading and writing to myself

3:  The smell of a new book

4:  Looking inside peoples' homes when walking past!

5:  Wearing my socks at bedtime!  And as my fiance kindly points out, wearing odd socks at bedtime!

Gosh, thats was harder than I thought!  Please check out KateTakes5 blog for others choices of randomness!


  1. Yes to number 3,4 and 5! I always wear odd socks! And love looking into people's houses (in a totally non-crazy way! :)

  2. Oh, number four, yes yes yes! I'm terrible for this and I always thing everyone else's house look way cosier than my own.

  3. Number 3 made it to my list too! Totally agree with number 4. It is great this time of year when the nights draw in early. The lights go on before the curtains are shut giving a clear peek into the secret lives of others.

  4. Ha! I like the odd socks. Nice list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. no problem ladies, thanks for your comments, i dont feel so crazy now! hehe!