Saturday, 19 November 2011

Listography - Top 5 Gadgets

This weeks Listography over at Kate Takes 5 is a tricky one for me as I am not a huge fan of gadgets although I do have a fair few in my home.  I just find them an annoyance, especially when they break, an expense that is not necessary and something I lose interest in quite quickly!  Saying this though, when I do get round to buying the latest gadget, for the first few months that I have interest in a product, I realise how wonderful it is to have!
  So, my top five gadgets that I cannot live without are: (and I will try not to be too obvious here!)

1:  Hair straighteners - before I owned my first pair, I had awful kinky hair, especially when I had a bob at the age of 12, that just did not sit right on me!  But now my hair is long, there is nothing better than frazzling my hair to make it as dead straight as I can get it!


2:  The Ipod - Although I dont listen to mine as much before I learnt to drive, this is one of my fave gadgets!  Being the huge music lover that I am, the frustration of having a Walkman, or portable Cd player used to drive me mad!  Because the tape would be chewed up, or it would take forever to rewind, and the CD would jump as I walked along and it would be embarrassng trying to change the CD on the bus! Hail the Ipod for all my less embarrassing musical needs, plus more!

3:  My mobile phone - A very obvious one where we all think, "what did we do before our mobile?" but I have to say I feel lost without it!  It helps me when Im bored, helps me stay in contact with the world, provides me with a camera, music and the internet, what more could us humans want?!

4:  Iron - Not being much of a domestic goddess, ironing is one of my favourite chores, (when I have a small pile of clothes mind!).  There is nothing more satisfying than taking out those creases and having neatly pressed clothes! Plus, it keeps you warm in the winter!

5:  Laptop - As Kate also listed this, I totally agree with her!  What a magnificent gadget that has opened up a whole world to me including social networks, shopping online, blogging and writing for my own leisure!  I have even found the benefits of a laptop for my son, and for storing all my photos, and I have many!

I found that a difficult listography this week but will now pop over to KateTakes5 to see what others have come up with and probably kick myself at other' suggestions!


  1. GHD - wondered who'd be the first to put that on their list!

  2. As someone with straight hair - that didn't really occur to me - of course what a great invention!

  3. hehe Kate, its a vital gadget i wouldnt live without! xx
    Mon - indeed a fab invention for those times when we have an annoyin kink! xx

  4. Hair straightners made my list as well, fab invention. I will never forget seeing a girl actually ironing her hair with her friend before going out once, in the days before GHDs!

  5. Our kids will never believe that we used to listen to music on plastic bits of tape that, if they didn't break, stretched and warped the music!