Saturday, 19 November 2011

Stupid Saturday

My wonderful friend Jenni, and her blog have got together to create Stupid Saturday, a little thought provoking idea to note down all the silly and stupid things us humans do!  And seeing as I have done many of these in my time, this is a perfect post to be involved in!

So this weeks stupid things I have said or done are:

  • At work yesterday, I smashed a photo frame by accident, pushed many a wrong button on the till meaning my manager had to keep voiding this off for me and nearly gave a table the wrong bill! It was not a good shift!
  • I nearly called in sick at work because I was having a bad day, (see above for details!) but thank goodness I didnt because my boss was in and it wouldnt have looked good on me!
Right thats all I can think of today!  I did not have time to be stupid this week as I have been so busy but I will take note next week and come back with more stupid things!  Why not have a go yourself?!

1 comment:

  1. haha aw jade, so clumsy! I really didn't think you were that bad!
    Thanks for taking part in it! =] xxx