Monday, 26 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - My Top Ten Moments of the Year

This week, I have been compiling lists to highlight my favourite things of the year.  Today is my top ten favourite moments that I have experienced this year, and believe me, there have been many life changing moments!

10:  Getting my first tattoo's - who knows why, but I braved the needle for the first time this year, twice!  My first tattoo was in February where I was testing to see if I could take the pain bu having a charm bracelet with my sons name on my wrist.  I hated the pain!  So I stupidly got something bigger tattooed on my arm in August!  This took two hours to do, and I am still recovering!  However, despite me protesting about how much it hurt, I still want another one because its true what they say, getting tattoos are addictive!

9: Adventures in the Summer - seeing as Dean passed his driving test last year, this summer meant we had more freedom to venture out in the big wide world and see places!  These included Legoland, Roald Dahl Museum, Broadstairs, Brighton and an enchanted forest in Kent!

8:  Even more gigs than usual! - breaking my own personal record of 4 gigs in one month, my addiction to this hobby was increasing!  Bands I have seen this year are Feeder, Foo Fighters, White Lies, Jimmy Eat World, Hurts, Friendly Fires, Pulp, Longview and Bryan Adams!!

7:  My writing career begins - I took up blogging in April, started a fiction writing course and even won a feature for Company magazines' website which you can read about here.  One of my dreams has already began and I hope to continue it this next year!

6:  A trip to Glasgow - me and Dean took a short plane ride to Scotland to see one of our favourite bands play.  Staying in a hotel over the weekend, we had a brilliant time even though it was raining for most of it, but we enjoyed visiting the sites and doing some shopping!

5:  Startng my school career - after almsot two years of studying and volunteering, I was very lucky to get myself a job at my son's school as a Nursery Assistant which later turned into Nursery Nurse.  Although at the time I was juggling two jobs, I am now lookig forward to January to concentrate on this job, to gain even more experience and to have lots of fun with the children I have bonded with!

4:  Attending Reading Festival- which I am sure I have repeated enough times on this blog, but it was mine and Deans first festival and our only holiday this year!  You can read all about it here

3:  Moving home - my lease had run out on my flat so I knew I would be moving this year.  When I first viewed my new home, I hated it, but once I decorated and got my things in, I absolutely adore it and think its even bigger and better than my last home!  After the stress of moving, I have nothing to worry about.

2:  Passing my driving test - my biggest life changing moment this year, it was the most nerve wracking thing I have ever done in my life!  What made it worse, was that even though I passed second time, I knew I had to do it all over again after failing once!  Never again do i want to put myself through that torture!  However, it was totally worth it and now I have had a better winter without takin the two bus trek there and back to pick my son up from school!

1:  Meeting David Tennant! - yes, this is my number one moment of the year!  It was on my Day Zero Project, but I never thought it would actually happen!  You can read all about it here

So, what an amazing year I have had!  Both good and bad, a few people have passed away that have been difficult to deal with, but I havethrown myself into life, making the most of it and really enjoying myself.  The good always out ways the bad and I hope 2012 has a lot more in store for us!

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