Sunday, 18 December 2011

Listography - Top 5 Things That Make Christmas, Christmas!

I hate chrismas, I am a right old scrooge but its only been the last couple of years that I have been like this!  I just think with all the hype that people create over one day is just ridiculous plus its cold and dark!  However, thanks to Kate Takes 5 I have managed to succumb myself to the goodness that is Christmas, so make the most of this list as I shall return to grumpiness after!

My Top 5 things that make Christmas:

1:  Watching Scrooge the Musical - a family tradition of ours, my Mum and Dad introduced me to this version of the classic story and they have watched it every year.  The songs remind me of christmas and the old, 19th century feel to it makes me feel quite sentimental and nostalgic.

2: Doctor Who Christmas Specials - The only thing I really look forward to watching on Christmas Day and the best one was the last ever David Tennant episode which had me crying my eyes out over the festive period!

3;  Baileys and After Eight mints! - both of which I only really have on Christmas day, and if the festival had a taste, these two items is what it would taste like!

4: Putting the Christmas tree up - its taken me a little longer this year to put up our tree because I feel so un-festive!  But now that its done, it looks so pretty and magical and cosy!

5:  Visiting Santa - every year I have taken Jacob to see the top man himself, but this year I left the duty to his grandparents!  It makes me feel like I was six again when I visit him with Jacob but this year I have just not been in a christmassy mood!

Now pop over to Kates Listography to see some proper jolly posts instead of my miserable one, to get into the festive spirit!
Merry Christmas and Bah Humbug!



  1. The fact that it's cold and dark is the reason we need a winter festival! I love the excuse to eat loads of stuff that's not good for me and watch too much TV. Dr Who xmas special is a must for me, though A Muppet Christmas Carol is my go-to get in the spirit film.

  2. Bah humbug! Keep reading the entries and we might beat some festivities into you!

  3. Baileys! I knew I'd forgotten something on my online Christmas shop! Thanks! Great list. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas x

  4. hehe thanks girls, Ellie, i agree that at least we have something to get us through the winter! Merry xmas one and all!! xx

  5. It's great how Dr Who has become so popular again and part of christmas. The writing has been excellent so far so high hopes for this year

  6. I forgot the Dr Who - it's become my Christmas tradition to watch it on the iPlayer when I get back to work in January having been spectacularly unable to watch it on Christmas day. Last time I tried I came in 10 minutes late (kids in the bath), had to leave on 9 separate occasions (nappies, "while you're up"'s and two international phone calls) and lost the plot completely. The shark made so much more sense when I saw the whole thing from end to end.

    This year's looks superb. I look forward to seeing it in January!