Sunday, 18 December 2011

Our Christmas Tree is finally up!

So, better late than never!
I just have not had the time to put up our christmas decorations, but now that its done it looks so magical!  Our tree is about ten years old, my Mum had it before me and we have had it for three years, but its definetely on its way out now!

We each have our own type of baubles on the tree, this one being Deans, partly because it resebles a disco ball, (him being a DJ), and also because he asked for a Strictly Come Dancing bauble so this reminds him of it!

This is Jacobs jewish bauble!  It makes me laugh every year that we found a christmas bauble wearing a skull cap!  Still, it is Chanukah too and I have been trying to teach Jacob this festival too so its a double magical time!

And these are my baubles! Pink and fluffy!

And then things got a little silly when my two helpers thought it would be funny to wear the baubles as earrings!

Well, now our new home and first christmas here is all comfy and cosy, its one of the only things I really like about christmas!

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