Monday, 2 January 2012

31 Blog Posts - Day 2

2nd January -
Can people change?

This is a hard question as I see it from all sides.  When people say, "I can change" I believe they only say it for the sake of the other person hearing it.  If you really want to change something about yourself, you should just do it and not have the need for others' opinions on it.  I don't believe people can change entirely, but I do believe it is a gradual process that can happen over time,
  I have changed progressively.  I used to be a selfish, spoilt and unappreciative girl, (some people would agree that I still am!) but once I leant to live a little, I realised I had to grow up and now I completely appreciate everything I have.  I still have some selfish traits, like most people I suppose, but also being a mother has taught me to be selfless.
  I have also tried to change someone as a person, tried stopping them doing the things that would make them a badperson, but this has taught me that you cannot change a person, they have to do it themselves.


*This is part of the 31 Day Blog Post challenge as part of my Day Zero Project

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