Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Baby Show @ Excel Centre

Today, me, Dean, Jacob and bump drove to the Excel Centre in London to visit The Baby Show.  I have reached 13 weeks of pregnancy, (hooray!) so we thought it would be a nice idea to just wander around the exhibition for some ideas and potential buys.
  And we were not disappointed!

It was very easy to get to by car and easily organised leaving you de-stressed and relaxed before we even walked in.  There is nothing worse than being stressed out on a family day out!

When we walked into the exhibition,we were greeted with a free bumper pack all about the show with an easy to use guide and a map so we could find our way around.
We did not know where to start as it was so huge in there!  We aimed for the right hand side first and had a slow walk around, spotting a few original stalls selling swimming items and baby bags.
I started to feel a bit dizzy, (still in my first trimester so the symptoms keep on coming!) and we came across a Pregnacare smoothie bar, nice and healthy!

I felt better after my strawberry and pineapple smoothie and there was plenty of space to sit down and drink it. 

Continuing our walk around and we found our first buggy stall, and although we were not out to buy anything as its too soon, we certainly were not short of things to give us an idea!  Its been six years since I last bought a pram and they have distinctively changed since then!  They seem so big and harder to close and we just want a small pram with all in one car seat! 
The cots were similar, they seemed bigger than they needed to be but maybe that's just because of our surroundings.  I found a lovely white one with a sliding drawer underneath which is a great idea for saving on space and storage.

Oops!  We stumbled upon the sweet stall and I have no idea how we managed to spend £6 on sweets but they were too yummy to resist after my healthy smoothie!

We passed a Sky Living stall who asked us if we would like to take part in a future series about how families prepare for their new baby during pregnancy.  Although I was a little embarrassed at first, we agreed and sat in front of a camera, me holding the microphone and we were asked a series of questions about our plans and opinions!  It was actually quite funny and me and Dean carried on our usual banter on screen which may come across good or bad!  So, if we hear from them, we may be on a tv screen near you soon!

Here is Jacob having a go on a scooter that claims it helps children with gaining balance.  Seeing as he does not have any balance, we thought it would be a good idea for Jacob to have a go around the stall.  They had bikes as well which he could not really get the hang of but I do think the product is great for younger children growing up with it.

I have to give a special  recognition to the Prima Baby & Pregnancy magazine stall which certainly attracted many people to their subscription offer as well as for £2, we received a free goodie bag with two magazines in, highlight of my day!

And look at what we received inside!  The samples of food and body products are fabulous and I am so excited to use them when baby gets here.  I am also looking forward to reading my two magazines quietly and may even take out that subscription after all!

Overall, it took us about two hous to get around everything.  Once we had a rough idea of what products were out there, they tended to repeat themselves with different companies so it was a case of just wandering around to see if we had missed anything towards the end.  The Baby Show was worth the price of ten pound each, and was exceptionally well organised, supplying us pregnant women with everything we need on hand, as well as new mummies with great facilities too.  My son was kept entertained by the different stalls but soon lost interest after an hour so something for the older kids would be something I would like to see next time.
Its very overwhelming coming here, there is so much to take in, too many places to look and so many items to see!  Which is why my lack of photos isn't more I'm afraid!  But I would definetely recommend coming here as a pregnant or new mum just for a day out and to see what essentials are really out there.

Thank you to the Baby Show for a lovely afternoon out

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