Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bump Watch @ 13 Weeks

Welcome to my Bump Watch!  I thought it would be a nice idea to see how my pregnancy bump gets on in size!  When I was pregnant with Jacob, six years ago, there was not really many facilities where you could keep a log of your pregnancy in the way that we can today.  Of course, there is the old fashioned way of taking pictures and storing them in a photo album, but nowadays, its more exciting to put it in a scrapbook or, like me, blog about it!

So at 13 weeks, this is what my baby bump looks like:

Probably not the most flatterng of pictures but you can still make out s tiny bump that just looks like I have eaten a lot of food!!

I definetely 'feel' pregnant now compared to a couple of weeks ago where I just felt bloated and full all the time.  Now I catch glimpses of myself when out and about and I definetely can tell the difference between it being a baby bump and a food bump!

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