Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lack of Blogging - What can I blame this time?!

Oh how I love to blog!  Yet lately, I have been lacking in posts and any I have produced have mainly been memes and my photo challenge.  Well, frankly it isn't good enough!
  This is due to a number of reasons, our broadband has been playing up which is an obvious excuse.  I have lost my motivation because I am too darn cold.  Im shattered after a day working and honestly, I have preferred to sit and stare at the TV when I get home!

So, apologies to my loyal followers and regular readers.  I definetely hope to pick this back up in the next few weeks as I sincerely love to blog and judging by the increase in followers, you love to read it! 

In the background, I am still fulfilling my Day Zero Project, and continue to read others blogs for inspiration and motivation.  I have some interesting posts coming up, so keep a look out for them and then we can get this blogging ball rolling again!

Much Love

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